Jersey issues statement on Cryptocurrencies

Digital Jersey, working closely with other organizations including the Jersey Financial Services Commission, released a statement investigating the risks and opportunities around cryptocurrency in Jersey. It plans to hold a second public workshop on Cryptocurrencies in Autumn 2014. Both Jon and myself worked alongside Digital Jersey, helping them with their research into this subject and are delighted that Jersey has made the following stances:-

  • Generally speaking, creation of cryptocurrencies (through mining) is not illegal
  • Generally speaking, ownership of cryptocurrencies by an individual (rather than as part of a business) is not illegal (more…)

Bitcoin ATM coming to Jersey

A regular problem that we come up against is how you can easily buy Bitcoin with GBP natively, with usually Bittylicious being our recommendation. But soon there’ll be a much easier way for the Jersey public to get started with Bitcoin…

We can now annouce that we’ll have a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM to come to Jersey at the end of May. We’re lucky enough to be one of the first to receive what will be the v2 of the Lamassu so we can’t wait to get our hands on it. We are planning on housing it at Digital Jersey’s Coworking Hub for at least the first number of weeks but as we’ve already been contacted by various press outfits to cover the unboxing/unveiling, I’m sure you’ll be aware of where it ends up if we decide to move it around.

Digital Jersey: Cryptocurrencies Workshop

Yesterday I attended the Digital Jersey Cryptocurrencies Workshop which was held at the St.Helier Town Hall. Having been to several Bitcoin meetups and talks (although no formal ones), I was hoping for a mix of the more overview statements about Cryptocurrencies, some dispelling of myths as well as just to get an idea of what the local business community already thought about this space.

The general objectives as stated by Advocate Vicky Milner (who was chairing the event as part of her role as head of the Digital Jersey Regulation & Legislation TAG) was to explain in brief what cryptocurrencies are, what the business opportunities for Jersey are, what we need to exploit said opportunities and what the concerns/risks are. (more…) launches

After a number of months & years of various Jersey-based individuals trying to further the use and education of Cryptocurrencies locally, a few have decided to create a local information portal for this purpose.

At you will be able to find the information you need to get started in Bitcoin, an aggregator for the regular sources that we follow as well as more local based information (on this blog).

Alongside TechTribes, will will be organising meetups so we can further the discussion of what this technology could bring to Jersey. Our team have already been in discussion with various levels of government, regulators and businesses and continue to help improve knowledge in this area.